Horticulture & Publishing Consultant

Graham was 'born into' the Royal Parks of London, England where his father was a manager of Regent's Park. He spent his childhood living in a lodge within Queen Mary's Rose Garden!

When he was a teenager the family moved to Hyde Park, London's most famous open space; he lived amongst (and experienced) all of the events for which the park is famous: Speakers' Corner, exhibitions, rock concerts, protest demonstrations, and so on.

Graham studied horticulture for two years at the Royal Horticultural Society's Wisley Garden in Surrey. Theory and practical qualifications in horticulture lead him to a year working in the garden at Buckingham Palace, where he experienced 'old style' gardening...and the occasional brush with the Royals was always something to talk about.

This was followed by a period working in the commercial glasshouse nursery for the Central Royal Parks, after which he moved into journalism.

He first joined IPC Magazines (now Time Inc UK), the world's largest publisher of magazines, starting on the weekly magazine Amateur Gardening as a trainee sub-editor. He rose through the ranks, and 20 years later he was Group Editor, managing a team of 26 journalists and designers across three gardening magazines.

In the late 1990s he diversified into the commercial areas of client support sponsorships, advertorials and brand development.

In 1996 Graham launched the successful National Amateur Gardening Show in Somerset, and in 1999 he spearheaded the award-winning Allotments 2000 campaign, which culminated in a Parliamentary Enquiry into the future of allotments in the UK.

In 2003 he was asked to take on the editorship of Horticulture Week,. Published by Haymarket, this is the UK's leading -- and very best -- business magazine for the horticultural industry. For the first time, Graham was able to see the pressures, both financial and political, faced by the professional horticulture industry. Up until this point Graham had only seen gardening from the point of view of the amateur/consumer. This transition from 'consumer' to 'trade' publishing has given Graham a unique insight into all aspects of gardening.
It also means that his range of contacts are second to none.

In 2006 Graham set up his own consultancy -- HHPS Ltd (Hamdene Horticultural Publishing Services Ltd), and a year later he was named Trade Journalist of the Year by the Garden Media Guild.

Today he writes for a variety of publishers (newspapers, magazine and books, both consumer and trade), and he edits magazines, one-shots, supplements and magazine sections when called upon. He also appears on and presents on TV, speaks to groups, meetings and seminars on a variety of topics, and he runs an impressive photographic library of horticultural subjects.

In 2013 he joined Ideal World TV as a regular gardening expert.

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