Horticulture & Publishing Consultant

Graham Clarke is a gardening expert and an award-winning author, editor and publishing consultant.

He has edited two of the UK's leading gardening magazines, and has written more than 20 books on a variety of gardening subjects.

Graham runs a consultancy, and he writes and blogs for a variety of publications and websites, both trade/professional and consumer/amateur:
-   magazines
-   newspapers
-   books

Also he...
-   creates gardening and horticulture-themed puzzles, and is associated
    with quizzes for a range of magazines, books, websites and TV formats
appears on TV and radio when called upon; he has been the resident
    guest expert making weekly appearances on Ideal World TV
speaks to groups and meetings, and gives after dinner talks
-   conducts seminars and hosts conferences, on a variety of topics
-   is a national and international horticultural and retail judge
-   adjudicates awards at major trade events
-   writes a regular blog for Farmer Gracy (the leading Dutch bulb supplier)

-   operates a commercial library of gardening/horticultural images

    Graham knows about gardening...
             has a unique knowledge of
the market...
                      and knows the major players within it.

    If Graham can help you in any way, do contact him here.